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Be in touch!

Phone: (260) 569-1551

Location: 24 W Canal St 2nd Floor,

Alley Entrance Wabash, Indiana


Friday: 4 - 8pm

Saturday: 10am - 2pm

Or by appointment. 

Thanks for submitting!

  • How much does it cost to come paint?
    We have a standard studio fee, which varies from different age groups. The fee starts at $4 (12+below), $6 (13-17), and $8 (18+up). From there you will have to add the price of whatever piece you paint.
  • How much does it cost to do pottery on the wheel with/without a lesson?
    To do pottery on the wheel it cost $20, without the lesson and any clay you would use. With a lesson it cost $40, again, excluding the clay used. The clay is $2 per pound.
  • How long does everything take?
    A variety of things can effect your time painting. Not always, but usually, kids don't take longer than 20 mins to paint. However, we will have a perfectionist come in and take as long as an hour. Adults can take anywhere from 30 mins-over an hour. It depends on you. After the painting is done you will leave it with us to get fired. Firing is just us putting it in the kiln, to make it extra pretty for you! We will, typically, post on social media when it's done. If you're not on social media we will encourage you to call and ask. *Always add your name, and take a picture of everything you've painted.
  • I painted a while ago, is it still there?"
    In summer of 2019 we are changing our policy on holding pottery that has sat in here for a while. So we can't promise that it is here if you painted it over a month ago. Starting in summer 2019 we will be selling, or donating all items sitting for too long. That is a month from the day it is fired. We are so sorry if you didn't get a chance to love your piece. Throughout late 2018, and into summer 2019, we have tried to get all of these pieces home.
  • Do I need an appointment?
    Throughout the week, yes! Friday-Saturday, nope! (Sunday varies, depending on the season.) Typically, we're open Friday 4p-8p, Saturday 10a-2p. During the holiday season we add sunday to our open days, and on Sundays we're open 1p-4p. Any other time, or if you have a party over 8 people coming in, you will need an appointment. Appointments can be book by sending us a message, or going to our facebook page.
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